Mitigation technologies for CECs & AMR



Scientific Chairs:
  • Paola Verlicchi, University of Ferrara (IT), SERPIC Project
  • Víctor Matamoros Mercadal, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (ES), NATURE Project


Goals & Objectives:

This cross-cutting issue (CCI) serves to network the research projects that are focused on the research and application of technologies for the removal of CECs, AMR and pathogens from various contaminated wastewaters. Specifically, the working group wants to exchange on:

  • Performance comparison of different treatment technologies and the identification of quality/indicator parameters
  • Materials used in treatment processes
  • Additional information pertaining to the treatment process: cost, energy consumption, environmental impact

Further, this CCI links the several treatment-focused projects with projects that are investigating the occurrence, pathways and distribution of indicator substances, antibiotic resistance and viruses. Via this working group,  the projects focusing on treatment and those focusing on identifying occurrence/spread can identify target substances for treatment and effective treatment processes for specific substances.


Activities & Outputs:

One action of this working group is to develop a “Mitigation Technology Matrix” that identifies the attenuation/removal of pollutants by different treatment solutions and the costs of these solutions to help compare their effectiveness and impact.


Last updated: March 2024