AquaticPollutants Cross-Cutting Issues

The ERA-NET Cofund AquaticPollutants funds 18 research & innovation projects that are addressing various aspects of the “aquatic pollutants ecosystem” – namely the detection, analysis, assessment, treatment and management of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs), anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and pathogens. While the 18 projects are classified into the 3 call themes (Measuring, Evaluating, Taking Actions) and each have their own targets and objectives, they have certain thematic and procedural commonalities among them.

We call these commonalities Cross-Cutting Issues, or CCIs for short. The purpose of identifying CCIs is to capitalize on synergies between the 18 AquaticPollutants projects, offer a platform for knowledge exchange on specific topics, and offer the possibility for joint actions on these topics. The collaboration on these CCIs in cross-project working groups offers added value for the 18 projects by supporting the exploitation, transfer and implementation of project results.

The four CCIs for the Cofund AquaticPollutants were chosen in collaboration with the 18 research & innovation projects, as well as the Cofund Management Team and the Transfer Project. The four CCI working groups are led by Scientific Chairs from the 18 projects and supported by members of TransNet. View the individual CCIs for more information on the covered topics and identified actions.