SPARE-SEA: Play OysterLand

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5 May 2023


Just imagine: You are a researcher from OysterLand and interested in understanding more about antibiotic resistant genes (ARGs) and their impact on environmental and human health. You join the SPARE-SEA project, which is researching ARGs in the aquatic environments where oysters are cultured. Why oysters? Oysters are eaten raw, which makes it easier to examine how ARGs are transmitted and behave. You hope that by studying the oysters along the coasts of OysterLand you can help you determine how antibiotic use affects the city’s inhabitants.

But on your way, you run into many obstacles – from a fire in the lab to an overflow of sewage effluent and public protests. But of course, good things also happen in your work: your data shows promising results and you successfully work with regulators to get new restrictions in place!

Sounds exciting? Then find yourself some friends and play OysterLand. You will find out more about ARGs in aquaculture and how antibiotic resistance can be reduced. The game also includes a quiz to test your knowledge.

Have fun in OysterLand!


Play OysterLand