SERPIC: Prototype plant has performed long-term field test

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18 April, 2024

All necessary components of the SERPIC treatment technology have been assembled in Ciudad Real at University Castilla La Mancha and commissioned to a working prototype plant. The plant was used in a long-term field test to treat effluent of the municipal wastewater sewage plant. The experiments showed good results for the degradation of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) from the water. The treated water was used to irrigate soil cultures of carrots and potatoes. The fate of the remaining CECs in soil and crops will now be analysed for the final assessment. This will be complemented by an environmental life-cycle analysis, life costing analysis, and exploitation and transfer plans.


Photo left: SERPIC prototype plant.

Photo right: Irrigation of potatoes with effluent treated by SERPIC prototype plant.