SERPIC project develops a methodology how to select indicator CECs


Values for Occurrence, Persistence, Bio-accumulation and Toxicity (OPBT) of the four organic compounds that have been selected as target CECs in the project SERPIC. @SERPIC

20 July 2023


Organic and microbial contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) are important to addressin reclaimed water reuse projects. Due to the large number of CECs and their different characteristics, it is useful to include only a limited number of them in monitoring programs. The selection of the most representative CECs is still a current and open question. SERPIC presents a new methodology for this scope, in particular for the evaluation of the performance of a polishing treatment and the assessment of the risk for the environment and the irrigated crops. As to organic CECs, the methodology is based on four criteria: occurrence, persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity.

The methodology has been published in an open access paper in the journal Science of The Total Environment.


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