REWA: Successful pilot-scale testing, e-course and sampling campaign

The AquaticPollutants research proejct REWA has been busy! Check out these three updates...


Pilot-scale testing at wastewater treatment plant

The pilot scale adsorption of pharmaceuticals from municipal wastewater effluent was carried out in two stages at the Taskila wastewater treatment plant in Oulu, Finland:

  • In step 1 (preliminary column adsorption), column adsorption via two columns packed with activated carbon and biochar, and two columns filled with magnetite-pine bark and biochar, was conducted for about two months in January and February 2023.
  • In step 2 (Filter bed adsorption), the pilot scale adsorption of pharmaceuticals in a filter bed packed with magnetite-pine bark and biochar was run for almost four months from September to December 2023.

The analysis results of pharmaceuticals showed that after adsorption a variety of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics, blood pressure drugs and many other medicines, were removed from wastewater effluent, indicating the successful removal of emerging contaminants by the materials prepared in the project.

E-course on “Reduction and assessment of antimicrobial resistance and emerging pollutants in water and wastewater treatment systems”

From 15 November to 14 December 2023, the REWA project members ran an e-course for postgraduate students on “Reduction and assessment of antimicrobial resistance and emerging pollutants in water and wastewater treatment systems”.  A total of 13 students successfully completed the course and were awarded certificates by the University of Oulu.

The course entailed four modules dealing with water quality parameters, conventional water and wastewater treatment, antimicrobial resistance and other microbial risk factors in urban water systems, and novel concepts for mitigating chemicals of emerging concern and antimicrobial resistance.  Some very positive comments on the course were received from the students, such as the following:

“I feel honoured to have been a part of such an enlightening and enriching learning experience. The knowledge and skills I gained from this course have exceeded my expectations.”




Meeting a new friend during the sampling camapign.
@ Simon Boo Lassen and Adedayo Bello.


Taking samples during the campaign. @Simon Boo Lassen and Adedayo Bello.

Sampling Campaign in closed Mustavaara mine

Researchers of the REWA project from the University of Oulu, Finland, and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark conducted a sampling campaign at the closed Mustavaara mine site in Northern Finland.  During the exercise, they collected water and soil samples from different locations around the mine to investigate the co-selection potential of vanadium.