AquaticPollutants Podcast


We're thrilled to announce the launch of something big – the AquaticPollutants Podcast. Hosted by Sarah Fieger and Ola Lawani from DECHEMA e.V. in Frankfurt, the coordinator of the AquaticPollutants transfer project, the podcast brings the topics of the ERA-NET Cofund AquaticPollutants right to your door (or preferred streaming platform).

The aquatic ecosystem is evolving, and it is evolving with us. One of the difficulties is to understand and capture the complex behavior of aquatic systems in relation to human impacts. Among other things, it is important to clarify basic concepts and identify key aspects. But it is just as important to disseminate this knowledge to ensure a general basic understanding of pollutants in the aquatic ecosystem and to develop this knowledge further.

The AquaticPollutants Podcast is an exciting platform to disseminate knowledge and foster dialogue on the critical issue of aquatic pollution through engaging conversations and thought-provoking discussions. We aim to explore different perspectives and highlight promising approaches to tackling the challenges of aquatic pollution and equip our listeners with the knowledge and inspiration to drive positive change in their respective fields.

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In each episode, we dive into four of the 18 AquaticPollutants projects, highlighting their objectives, methods, and potential impact.

Episode 1 and Episode 2 are already available, and stay tuned for the others!

So, whether you're a seasoned scientist, a policy wonk, or just someone who cares about clean water (and let's face it, who doesn't?), there's a place for you in our underwater squad. Consider this your official invitation to join us on this path!


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Episode 1

Marica Mezzelani (PHARMASEA)

Risk assessment of AMR and pathogens


Episode 2

Gian Marco Luna and Dr. Sara Rodriguez Mozaz (ARENA)

What is AMR, why is it dangerous and AMR in marine freshwater aquaculture systems


Epsiode 3

Francisco Omil and Prof. Thomas Berendonk (PRESAGE)

Preventing the spread of antibiotic resistance and other pollutants


Epsiode 4

Francesca Deganello and Lorena Coelho (NanoTheC-Aba)

Sustainable Waste Water Treatment and its materials